Round 15 this week and beyond

UPDATE 20/8/21: Given the confirmed positive case of COVID-19 in Shepparton this morning and in consultation with the GVHA Executive and Club Presidents, we feel the most prudent action is to call off tonight’s and tomorrow’s matches. With a better indication of the full situation in the coming days we will announce the impact this cancellation will have on our competitions and end-of-season plans. Please stay in contact with club mates over the weekend and adhere to safety measures.

UPDATE 17/8/21: The fixture for the next 2 weeks has been revised following Monday’s Committee meeting and further discussions with some clubs. The RevSport versions of the fixture will be updated to reflect changes over the next couple of days.

Please note your club’s duty times for Covid Check-in Marshal and Canteen and offer to help when you may be able to.

Here’s hoping we can see out the season without any further interruptions.

CompetitionRoundHome TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenueCovid Check-in MarshalCanteen Club
Round 15
A Men12MooroopnaStrikersFriday20-Aug-216:30 PMPitch 1Mooroopna 6 – 7pmStrikers 6.00-9.30pm
B Men15MooroopnaStrikers Friday20-Aug-218:00 PMPitch 1Strikers 7 – 8pm
Under 12 Half15BenallaGVGSSaturday21-Aug-2110:00 AMPitch 1Strikers 9:30 – 10:30amBenalla 10-11:30
Under 12 Half15SYCStrikersSaturday21-Aug-2110:00 AMPitch 2
Under 1415GVGSEchuca MoamaSaturday21-Aug-2111:15 AMPitch 1GVGS 10:30 – 12:00Echuca Moama 11:30-2:00
Under 1415StrikersSYCSaturday21-Aug-2111:15 AMPitch 2
Under 1415MooroopnaBye
Under 1715Mooroopna/Ben.SYC/StrikersSaturday21-Aug-2112:30 PMPitch 2Euroa 12:00 – 1:30
Under 1715Echuca MoamaGVGSSaturday21-Aug-2112:30 PMPitch 1
B Women15EuroaSYCSaturday21-Aug-212:00 PMPitch 1Mooroopna 1:30 – 3pmSYC 2-6:30
B Women15MooroopnaBenallaSaturday21-Aug-212:00 PMPitch 2SYC 3 – 5pm
B Men15SYCEchuca MoamaSaturday21-Aug-213:30 PMPitch 1
B Women15StrikersEchuca MoamaSaturday21-Aug-213:30 PMPitch 2
A Men12SYCEchuca Moama Saturday 21-Aug-21 5:00 PMPitch 1
Round 16 / Junior Semi Finals
Under 12 HalfSF2nd3rdSaturday28-Aug-219:30 AMPitch 1TBATBA
Under 14SF2nd3rdSaturday28-Aug-2110:45 AMPitch 1
Under 17SF2nd3rdSaturday28-Aug-2112:15 PMPitch 1
B Women16MooroopnaEchuca MoamaSaturday28-Aug-212:00 PMPitch 1TBATBA
B Women16StrikersSYCSaturday28-Aug-212:00 PMPitch 2
B Men16MooroopnaSYCSaturday28-Aug-213:30 PMPitch 1
B Women16EuroaBenallaSaturday28-Aug-213:30 PMPitch 2
A Men13SYCMooroopnaSaturday28-Aug-215:00 PMPitch 1
B Men16Echuca MoamaStrikersSunday29-Aug-2112:30 PMEchucaEchuca Moama 12 – 2pm
A Men13Echuca MoamaStrikersSunday29-Aug-212:00 PMEchuca
Junior Grand Finals / Senior Semi Finals
Under 10Round Robin CarnivalSaturday4-Sep-219:15 AMPitch 1TBATBA
Under 12 HalfGF1stSF winnerSaturday4-Sep-2110:30 AMPitch 1
Under 14GF1stSF winnerSaturday4-Sep-2112:15 PMPitch 1
Under 17GF1stSF winnerSaturday4-Sep-212:00 PMPitch 1
B WomenSF2nd3rdSunday5-Sep-2112:00 PMPitch 1TBATBA
A MenSF2nd3rdSunday5-Sep-211:45 PMPitch 1
B MenSF2nd3rdSunday5-Sep-213:00 PMPitch 1
Senior Grand Finals
B MenGF1stSF winnerSaturday11-Sep-2111:30:00 AMPitch 1TBATBA
B WomenGF1stSF winnerSaturday11-Sep-211:30:00 PMPitch 1
A MenGF1stSF winnerSaturday11-Sep-213:30:00 PMPitch 1