Round 10

UPDATE 16/7/21: This round will not be proceeding as scheduled due to state government covid-19 restrictions announced on 15th July, 2021.

We’re back in the full swing of things this weekend with Round 10.

The canteen duty roster is below the fixture.

CompetitionRdHome TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenue
B Men10MooroopnaSYCFriday16-Jul-216:30:00 PMPitch 1
A Men10SYCMooroopnaFriday16-Jul-218:00:00 PMPitch 1
Under 12 Half10StrikersBenallaSaturday17-Jul-2110:00:00 AMPitch 1
Under 12 Half10SYCGVGSSaturday17-Jul-2110:00:00 AMPitch 2
Under 1410StrikersEchuca MoamaSaturday17-Jul-2111:15:00 AMPitch 1
Under 1410MooroopnaSYCSaturday17-Jul-2111:15:00 AMPitch 2
Under 1410ByeGVGS
Under 1710SYC/StrikersMooroopna/Ben.Saturday17-Jul-2112:30:00 PMPitch 2
Under 1710GVGSEchuca MoamaSaturday17-Jul-2112:30:00 PMPitch 1
B Women10MooroopnaEchuca MoamaSaturday17-Jul-212:00:00 PMPitch 1
B Women10StrikersEuroaSaturday17-Jul-212:00:00 PMPitch 2
B Men10Strikers Echuca MoamaSaturday17-Jul-213:30:00 PMPitch 1
B Women10BenallaSYCSaturday17-Jul-213:30:00 PMPitch 2
A Men10StrikersEchuca MoamaSaturday17-Jul-215:00:00 PMPitch 1
SYCFriday 6-9:30pm
BenallaSaturday 10-11:30am
EchucaSaturday 11:30am-3:30pm
MooroopnaSaturday 3:30pm-6:30pm