Round 1 Fixture

UPDATE 25/4/2022: Euroa HC have withdrawn from the Under 12 competition. There is now a bye in the Under 12 competition. The two GVGS Under 14 teams are now called “Blue” and “Gold”. The resultant changes are reflected below. Please allow time for changes to be made on our Results portal.

UPDATE 20/4/2022: Echuca Moama HC have withdrawn from the B Women competition. The resultant changes are reflected below. Please allow time for changes to be made on our Results portal.

The GVHA releases the fixture for the first 2 rounds of the GV Hockey Winter season with anticipation.

Please note the RHL Fixture should still be referred to with respect to the A Men competition.

Along with clubs, we are still working on the Stick2Hockey program and Under 10 competition formats. Saturday 9-10am is reserved for this.

CompetitionGV Rd #Home TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenueCanteen Club
Under 141GVGS BlueStrikersFriday29-Apr-225:15:00 PMPitch 1GVGS
A Men2StrikersMooroopnaFriday29-Apr-226:30:00 PMPitch 1Strikers
B Men1StrikersMooroopnaFriday29-Apr-228:00:00 PMPitch 1Strikers
Under 121BenallaByeBenalla
Under 121MooroopnaSYCSaturday30-Apr-2210:00:00 AMPitch 2 
Under 121GVGSStrikersSaturday30-Apr-2210:00:00 AMPitch 1 North 
Under 141GVGS GoldEchuca MoamaSaturday30-Apr-2211:15:00 AMPitch 1Echuca Moama
Under 141Mooroopna / BenallaSYCSaturday30-Apr-2211:15:00 AMPitch 2 
Under 171Strikers/SYCEchuca MoamaSaturday30-Apr-2212:30:00 PMPitch 1SYC
Under 171ByeMooroopna / Benalla     
A Men2SYCEchuca MoamaSaturday30-Apr-222:00:00 PMPitch 1SYC
B Women1StrikersEuroaSaturday30-Apr-222:00:00 PMPitch 2 
B Men1SYCEchuca MoamaSaturday30-Apr-223:30:00 PMPitch 1SYC
B Women1MooroopnaBenalla / SYCSaturday30-Apr-223:30:00 PMPitch 2 
CompetitionGV Rd #Home TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenueCanteen Club
Under 142SYCGVGS GoldFriday6-May-225:15:00 PMPitch 1SYC
B Men2SYCStrikersFriday6-May-226:30:00 PMPitch 1 
A Men3SYCStrikersFriday6-May-228:00:00 PMPitch 1 
Under 122EuroaStrikersSaturday7-May-2210:00:00 AMPitch 1 NorthMooroopna
Under 122MooroopnaBenallaSaturday7-May-2210:00:00 AMPitch 1 South 
Under 122GVGSSYCSaturday7-May-2210:00:00 AMPitch 2 
Under 142GVGS BlueEchuca MoamaSaturday7-May-2211:15:00 AMPitch 2Strikers
Under 142Mooroopna / BenallaStrikersSaturday7-May-2211:15:00 AMPitch 1 
Under 172Mooroopna / BenallaEchuca MoamaSaturday7-May-2212:30:00 PMPitch 1Echuca Moama
Under 172Strikers/SYCBye     
B Women2Benalla / SYCStrikersSaturday7-May-222:00:00 PMPitch 2 
B Women2EuroaMooroopnaSaturday7-May-222:00:00 PMPitch 1Mooroopna
B Men2MooroopnaEchuca MoamaSaturday7-May-223:30:00 PMPitch 1 
A Men3Echuca MoamaMooroopnaSunday8-May-222:00:00 PMEchuca