GV Hockey Rounds 8 – 9

After the JSC and school holiday break, we are straight back into local action. See below for a consolidated view of the next 2 weeks. Full season fixtures are on our revsport page.

CompetitionRound #Home TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenueCanteen
A Men6StrikersSYCFriday8-Jul-226:30 PMPitch 1SYC
B Men8SYCMooroopnaFriday8-Jul-228:00 PMPitch 1 
Under 128BenallaSYCSaturday9-Jul-2210:00 AMPitch 2 
Under 128StrikersMooroopnaSaturday9-Jul-2210:00 AMPitch 1 SouthMooroopna
Under 128ByeGVGS     
Under 148Moor. / Ben.Echuca MoamaSaturday9-Jul-2211:15 AMPitch 2 
Under 148StrikersSYCSaturday9-Jul-2211:15 AMPitch 1Strikers
Under 148GVGS GoldGVGS BlueTo be arranged by GVGS    
Under 178ByeStrikers/SYC     
Under 178Moor. / Ben.Echuca MoamaSaturday9-Jul-2212:30 PMPitch 1Echuca Moama
A Men6MooroopnaEchuca MoamaSaturday9-Jul-222:00 PMPitch 1Euroa
B Women8Benalla / SYCStrikersSaturday9-Jul-222:00 PMPitch 2 
B Women8EuroaMooroopnaSaturday9-Jul-223:30 PMPitch 1Mooroopna
B Men8StrikersEchuca MoamaSaturday9-Jul-223:30 PMPitch 2 
CompetitionRound #Home TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenueCanteen
Under 129SYCGVGSFriday15-Jul-225:45 PMPitch 2 
Under 179Moor. / Ben.Strikers/SYCFriday15-Jul-225:45 PMPitch 1SYC
A Men7MooroopnaStrikersFriday15-Jul-227:00 PMPitch 1Strikers
Under 129Strikers (TBC)Euroa (TBC)Saturday16-Jul-2210:00 AMPitch 1 North 
Under 129BenallaMooroopnaSaturday16-Jul-2210:00 AMPitch 1 SouthBenalla
Under 149GVGS BlueMoor. / Ben.Saturday16-Jul-2211:15 AMPitch 1GVGS
Under 149StrikersGVGS GoldSaturday16-Jul-2211:15 AMPitch 2 
B Women9EuroaBenalla / SYCSaturday16-Jul-2212:30 PMPitch 1Mooroopna
B Women9MooroopnaStrikersSaturday16-Jul-222:00 PMPitch 1Euroa
B Men9StrikersMooroopnaSaturday16-Jul-223:30 PMPitch 1Strikers
Under 149Echuca MoamaSYCSaturday16-Jul-2211:15 AMEchuca 
B Men9Echuca MoamaSYCSaturday16-Jul-2212:30 PMEchuca 
A Men7Echuca MoamaSYCSaturday16-Jul-222:00 PMEchuca 
Under 179Echuca MoamaBye