GV Hockey Rounds 6 & 7 including HV workshops and JSC trainings

The schedule for the next 2 weeks is below.

This weekend’s fixture will be a bit different for some teams in order to accommodate the Hockey Victoria-run Coaching and Umpiring Workshops held at the Hockey Hub and on the pitch. We are also hosting North East Knights JSC trainings across both weeks.

Please continue to refer to the RHL fixture for matches held in Bendigo.

CompetitionRd #Home TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenueCanteen Club
Under 146SYCMooroopna / BenallaFriday17-Jun-225:45PMPitch 1SYC
Under 126StrikersGVGSFriday17-Jun-225:45PMPitch 2 
B Men6MooroopnaSYCFriday17-Jun-227:00PMPitch 1 
B Women6StrikersBenalla / SYCFriday17-Jun-227:00PMPitch 2 
Stick2Hockey   Saturday18-Jun-229:00AMPitch 1 
Under 126EuroaBenallaSaturday18-Jun-2210:00AMPitch 1 North 
Under 126SYCMooroopnaSaturday18-Jun-2210:00AMPitch 1 SouthSYC
Under 146StrikersGVGS BlueSaturday18-Jun-2210:00AMPitch 2 
Under 146Echuca MoamaGVGS GoldSaturday18-Jun-2211:15AMPitch 2 
Under 176Strikers/SYCMooroopna / BenallaSaturday18-Jun-2211:15AMPitch 1Benalla
Under 176ByeEchuca Moama     
HV Coaching Workshop 12-2pm   Saturday18-Jun-2212:00PM  
HV Umpire Workshop 2-3pm   Saturday18-Jun-222:00PM  
B Women6MooroopnaEuroaSaturday18-Jun-223:30PMPitch 1Mooroopna
B Men6StrikersEchuca MoamaSaturday18-Jun-223:30PMPitch 2 
JSC U15 & U18 training 17:30-19:00   Saturday18-Jun-225:30PM  
JSC U13 training 8:30-11:00   Sunday19-Jun-228:30AM  
RHL MenStrikersBendigo SenjunsSunday19-Jun-2212:30PMPitch 1Strikers
CompetitionRd #Home TeamAway TeamDayDateTimeVenueCanteen Club
Under 147GVGS GoldSYCFriday24-Jun-225:45PMPitch 2 
A Men5MooroopnaStrikersFriday24-Jun-226:30PMPitch 1Mooroopna
B Men7SYCStrikersFriday24-Jun-228:00PMPitch 1SYC
Stick2Hockey   Saturday25-Jun-229:00AMPitch 1 
Under 127MooroopnaEuroaSaturday25-Jun-2210:00AMPitch 1 North 
Under 127StrikersSYCSaturday25-Jun-2210:00AMPitch 2 
Under 127BenallaGVGSSaturday25-Jun-2210:00AMPitch 1 SouthBenalla
Under 147StrikersMooroopna / BenallaSaturday25-Jun-2211:15AMPitch 1Strikers
Under 147Echuca MoamaGVGS BlueSaturday25-Jun-2211:15AMPitch 2 
B Women7MooroopnaBenalla / SYCSaturday25-Jun-2212:30PMPitch 1Euroa
Under 177Strikers/SYCEchuca MoamaSaturday25-Jun-2212:30PMPitch 2 
Under 177ByeMooroopna / Benalla     
B Women7StrikersEuroaSaturday25-Jun-222:00PMPitch 2 
B Men7MooroopnaEchuca MoamaSaturday25-Jun-222:00PMPitch 1Mooroopna
A Men5SYCEchuca MoamaSaturday25-Jun-223:30PMPitch 1SYC
JSC U15 & U18 training 17:30-19:00   Saturday25-Jun-225:30PM  
JSC U13 training 8:30-11:00   Sunday26-Jun-228:30AM