COVID-19 Update April 19th

I’m sure many had the sombre thought this past weekend that the weekend was to be the opening round of the GVHA Season. It would’ve also seen the second round of RHL and JSC Trials held.

On the 19th of March we announced that the GVHA will follow Hockey Victoria’s directive to suspend all hockey activities and postpone the start of our season until 1st of May. This suspension and postponement will be extended until further notice.

As can be expected given the situation that we have all lived through this past month, any recommencement of hockey activities is dependent on Victorian Government notice of if and when community sport can take place. We will also be guided by Hockey Victoria advice on how to step back into hockey activities and ultimately conduct competitions.

We are keeping abreast of the work Hockey Victoria are doing in the area of competition viability and in turn are looking at our own competition structures and what options are available to us when the time comes to make those decisions. Like Hockey Victoria, our priority will be to provide as much hockey as possible for as many as possible in a season that is competitive and enjoyable for all participants. We may all have to be adaptive, agile and innovative in order to achieve these objectives and I encourage this.

I am writing to club presidents regularly, keeping them informed of the action and steps the Executive is undertaking. I welcome their input and inquiries as always.

There has been some great social media content across the GVHA community helping us all stay connected and active this past month. Be sure to regularly check your club’s page or group and our page and Players and Officials Group. We are currently conducting a poll in the group to give GVHA Teams a moniker. There have been some great suggestions and the outcome of the poll will be interesting. Be sure to visit and vote!

Planned facility improvements are still taking place at the Shepparton Regional Hockey Complex. These include the alarm system installation, security lighting upgrade, sound/PA system installation and protective fence construction.

The Executive Committee still anticipates a significant and meaningful season can be undertaken in a safe and enjoyable environment and we look forward to welcoming everyone back to our great sport of hockey.

Safe Regards,

Cameron Druitt

GVHA President on behalf of the GVHA Executive Committee